Halloween and the blood is pumpin’

Ok. I love blogging, I really do. But since children, the blog life has had it’s air sucked right out of it. I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed and overtired recently because of one certain little girl. This little girl, with fiery red hair and the spirit of a mustang, keeps me run off my feet. She’s almost 3, but it hasn’t stopped since she was 8 months of age. Dennis the menace comes to mind….

I don’t want to complain. Because I’d never trade her. Not for saving me from all the microwaved metal tins that set on fire, not for the many times she spilled entire containers of Parmesan cheese on the carpet, on the couch, not for all the times she wouldn’t go to bed, not for all the screaming she does while we grocery shop, not for that time she called 911.

But I needed a little break and last night I went out with two of my favourite ladies. We didn’t do much but sit in a coffee shop and chat and wander through a few stores. Dear Yankee candle, what were you thinking of when you made a candle that smelled like bacon? We laughed. I tried on a few new age clothing items, and we laughed some more. I needed that so much.

This is also the 3rd day the firecracker has napped, she never naps. It’s like the universe is giving me exactly what I need. So I feel a little more like myself. It’s good to know I’m still in there somewhere and I’m so thankful to have a glimpse of this feeling.

Today I sent my husband a message telling him that today I found time and head space to be weird. And it feels really good.

So here it is. A series I’d like to call Last Minute Halloween Costumes:

Kicking off the 1st of OCTOBER with a little Halloween and a little ZZ Top:





Everyone around here is calling this Augtober because of the chilly weather. All I want to do is make soups and consume pumpkin spiced baked goods. That being said it’s still summer. Still. It just doesn’t feel like it. I guess it’s put the girls into Halloween mode because Ezri came downstairs yesterday asking if she could wear a silly outfit. She used the clothing from her closet and a couple of dress-up pieces and here she was ready to go out grocery shopping in full costume. She is calling herself “Super Bat”. Of course Nerys had to follow in her big sister’s footsteps.

webJME_0790 webJME_0802 webJME_0806 webJME_0814 webJME_0818 webJME_0844 webJME_0849bw webJME_0866 webJME_0869


Halloween is soon. And I’m already working on it. I’ve got a few ideas to share that involve some last minute, free, use stuff from your closet costumes.

I miss blogging

webJME_1840 webJME_1825 webJME_1832 webJME_1833 webJME_9113 webJME_4863 webJME_1310 webJME_1298


Wow summer is almost gone. It’s been amazing and fun filled, but I’m looking forward to some slower Fall days.

I’ve had a lot on the go recently. I’ve been really busy with my photography business and I’m so, so very thankful for all my clients. I’m starting another blog shortly that will be more devoted to my photography and business. And as I’m learning, instead of wasting time complaining about having no time to do anything, I’m just going to jam it all in anyways and cut out the complaining. I used to not spend time on blogging, now I’m going to run two of them. Makes sense. Life’s too shot, might as well do it all.


Just me and my dog

webDSC_5140 webDSC_5169 webDSC_5215 webDSC_5238 webDSC_5244 webDSC_5282 webDSC_5303 webDSC_5320 webDSC_5324


Meet Dargo. At only 5.5 months old he is near 70lbs, loves to chew, dig big holes in my garden and bark his face off. But he has a gentle personality and fits in so well, it’s as if he was meant to be with us.

Lindsay cover your ears – a list of Pop songs for summer

Although I try to make sure the girls are listening to good music like Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails. I do find we’ve been listening to a much larger portion of Pop music recently. Some of that is because it’s what Ezri is gravitating towards, and some of it’s because Nathan has gone soft and prefers the likes of Katy Perry. The girls are claiming their songs on the radio, Nerys likes the Lumineers and Bastille. Both girls are crazy for the hit song off of Frozen. Of course I get a few vetos. If I’m anywhere near the radio, there will be no Miley Circus. Not only because I can’t stand the music, but everything she stands for. I also veto Alice in Chains too, I’m balanced like that.

I’ve actually started to REALLY like some of the Pop songs. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Here is my list of guilty pleasures, current radio pop hits. In no particular order. These will be good tunes to put you in the mood for summer!

1. “Crazy for you” – Headley

2. “Magic” – Coldyplay

3.”Chills” – Down with Webster

4. “Be Okay” – Oh Honey

5.”Rude” – Magic

6.”I’m Ready” – AJR

7.”I want Crazy” – Hunter Hayes

Go ahead and dance, no shame!



P.S We got a puppy…

Tallinn, my love 2006 – 2014

A few months ago, we lost Tallinn. It’s still very painful to write or talk about. It’s been a long winter.

DSC_0135 DSC_0147 DSC_0646m DSC_0653 DSC_0842-2 DSC_1512 JME_2501 tallinndressedup

I made a super depressing slide show, complete with depressing music of him you can see here. I’ve watched 100 times and it still make me ball like a baby.

Goodbye my friend.

Hate for the “Selfie”

Oh man, people hate the “selfie”. Selfie, being a photo of yourself, taken by yourself. Everyone has an opinion, you may think it’s great or you may think I’m being vain if I take a photo of myself.IMG-20140221-01929

Well here is my opinion. MY blog, my opinion. I forgot how wonderful my own blog is.

I like to take photos. That’s what I do. I spend my whole life taking photos of stuff, other people, my children, my dog, your children, you, your dog. No one is taking photos of me. And you know what, that’s fine. But when I’m faced with this particular challenge “No one else is doing X for me”, then gosh darn it, I’m going to do X for myself.

No one is cooking me pancakes. I’m going to cook some pancakes for myself. No one is taking any photos of me, then I’m going to do it myself.

I love taking photos, and you know what, I love me too!

The selfie is a win for me. Now my kids get to have photos of me, and I get to look back when I’m 90 (yes, I’m planning on enjoying life for that long) and say man, I was one good looking lady!

You might think I’m vain. But I totally know I’m not. I’m really, really not. There isn’t anything wrong in a world today where you are told you are not good enough, to just be ok with you.

IMG-20131218-01498And you know who is hating, it’s other ladies. Because apparently we don’t put up with enough crap, we have to give it to each other? Ladies, calm down. Take a photo of yourself and spend a moment just appreciating you. There is nothing wrong with it. You are not vain, and you are certainly not going to bring on the end of the world.